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Aug 30, 2015
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Hi Fun

Looking to re-seal 2 rear locker doors on the MH, as I noticed after cleaning the weekend they are letting water in.

When I removed one of the locker doors today, I noticed that the cavity rivets holding the panels in the door, don't have suitable rubber washers/grommets and are almost certainly allowing water ingress. The sealant at the bottom of the door frame and panel also needs to be re-done as a potential from ingress. I need to get on top of this quickly and am going to do a DIY job as I'm more than capable, and am more confident that I will do a better job than paying someone else to do so.

I want to remove the inner panel from the door and re-seal, so I need to replace the rivets and ensure that the rivets are sealed using the rubber grommets/washers. Ive not yet removed the panels so I dont know what type of rivet is used. I would assume a peel back rivet.

Has anyone done this job themselves and can you shed any experience my way.

Also trying to locate replacement inner door seal that runs round the inner part of the door as the current one is about 50mm to short of joining together. Been on to with pictures, just waiting for a reply.

Appreciate any advice.

Thanks .. John

:D (y)

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