Load CamperstopGPS coordinates to TomTom

Discussion in 'GPS Navigation' started by oldpolicehouse, Nov 13, 2009.

  1. oldpolicehouse


    Nov 13, 2009
    Bought some sets of Camperstop GPS cordinates.
    Does anyone know how to load them to my Tom Tom XL Europe.
    Do I need a POI loader program.
    Please keep it simple as I am not wonderful on computers.
    Virgin motorhomer soon to be setting off to whoknowswhere
  2. Bulletguy


    Feb 7, 2008
    I'm assuming you have downloaded a file of the co-ords to your hard drive?

    You will need to connect your TomTom to your PC with a usb cable (should be with your TomTom). The tiny plug goes into your satnav, the larger to any usb port on your PC.

    Switch your satnav on and you should get an onscreen menu. Its simply a matter of loading the file to your TomTom.

    Note....just remembered, my TT has its own internal hard drive but yours will have a flash card. Same operation though.
  3. sinbad1

    sinbad1 Deleted User

    Hi oldpoicehouse and welcome to fun.

    Firstly there are many sites that have free poi's so there's really no need to pay for them.

    The files you have downloaded will consist of ov2 files ( basically the co-ordinate for each location).
    There is also another file bmp this is just an image that you will see on the TT screen to represent the ov2.

    All the files need to be copied and pasted into your Map file, this map file is located either on your TT harddrive or on the removable SD card.

    Once added you will need to enable them using your menu, sounds complicated ;but haviing done it once its straight forward.

    Before you attempt any of the above copy the contnts of your SD or drive so you will have a backup if anything goes wrong.

    Click here and follow the guide

    If you get stuck just post back and we will guide you through the process

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