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Oct 24, 2007
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We have just spent nearly four weeks in the Baltic States .These countries are simply beautiful with many magnificent campsites and many more smaller rest stops.

Unfortunately we broke down in Lithuania spent ten days in a hotel in Kaunas courtesy of Nationwide flex breakdown. (We also have ADAC cover but saved that for next time)

The main roads are often good but some are awful. Side roads are more a case of hoping for the best. However, there is so much road building going on it is changing all the time

There are no tolls for motorhomes.
The local driving habits were pretty good and out of towns the speed limits were well kept to. There were plenty of speed cameras but we'll signed. There were quite a few plain police cars pulling over motorists.

Diesel was €1.11 in Lithuania. €1.24 in Latvia and €1.34 in Estonia
Other prices were pretty much on a par with UK.

Decent campsites were too expensive for most! About €20 a night.
The people were extremely friendly, fiercely proud of their countries and eager to talk about their history.

English was very widely spoken.

We saw two UK motorhomes in the time we were there. ( We even had to talk to some French and German people ) It is a shame because these countries are simply beautiful, clean ,full of history and motorhome friendly.

Whether it is going down the Latvian bobsleigh track at Sigulda ( we dipped out of the bungee jump from the cable car ) the Hill of Crosses, the KGB museum in Vilnius, the stunning beaches, the museum for the blind in Kaunas or the Russian border at Narva, and a church here and there. There is so much to see and do.

Our favourite site was on the beach on the Gulf of Riga at Tuja. We spent a few days there . Run by a family home educating their sons and building one of the best sites we have ever been on. ( Camping Jurasdzeni)

Campsites were shutting down early to mid September so I guess summer is the best time to visit.

We will go back.

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