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Dec 31, 2010
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UPDATE - So I’ve now used it (Titan Screwfix washer) today…. Found the motivation from somewhere 🤣

The battery lasted fine for the whole job. I would call it a quick clean I’ve done today, not a proper job. Got through six B&Q builders buckets of water all on one charge and still showing two of four battery lights.

My MH is 3.3M high and it doesn’t keep perfect pressure when the hose and handle are high when washing the top rail of the MH and when bucket fed. However drop the washer down for a second and it’s back pumping fine.

Overall, it’s probably slightly better than I expected, so I’m happy with the purchase. 👌
Did you do the roof tho Harvey 🤭

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May 7, 2016
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Have now tested my Titan cordless pressure washer on the motorhome front end. Needed a bit of help with a soft brush and shampoo to shift the bugs but that was not unexpected. Very good for rinsing off and shifting general dirt without removing the Carthago badge or the decals. About the right pressure for cleaning without causing damage. Also cleaned some garden furniture very satisfactorily. Overall very pleased with it and a lot better than the 12V portable pressure washer I had been using.

The bad news for those waiting for 5* reports on this handy item is that it is no longer in the Screwfix summer sale and back up to £115. Thank you Carpmart for highlighting this 10 days ago when it only cost £80.

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