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    Jul 29, 2007
    I mentioned I was buying one of these a few weeks ago and hilldweller suggested a review, so here it is.

    Its a 7" tablet running Win 8.1 with free upgrade to Win 10 when you get it. 1 gig of ram, 24 gig S/S drive, and a micro Sd slot which can take the SDXC cards (up to 2Tb when available) Front and rear cameras, a single on-the-go micro USB socket which doubles up as the charging port, built in wifi and blue tooth, a short micro Usb to standard Usb converter, and that's about it.
    Software not much, Office 365
    No GPS.
    All for around £79

    If you want a tablet to play games, look elsewhere.
    If you want a tablet to look cool with, look elsewhere.
    If you want a tablet to compute prime numbers, look elsewhere.
    If you want a stack of apps, look elsewhere.
    If you want a cheap tablet to answer emails, surf the web, play music or films then this is fine.

    I added a 64gig micro Sdxc card and loaded a few films on, they play fine.
    Battery life is around 4 hours surfing, less I would think watching films.
    I have tried a microsoft blue tooth mouse, and it was worse than useless, a wired one works fine.
    I also bought a case for a tenner with a built in keyboard, which I find quite useful.
    I also got rid of Office 365 and loaded Open Office, unlike Android and Ipad tablets which come with a stack of un-removable crap, you can get rid of anything, including Windows if you like.:)

    Is it worth 79 smackers? For me yes, for you?
    I spent Sunday afternoon in Northampton shopping centre connected to their excellent wifi, and Monday at Lakeside connected to their not so excellent Wifi while the wife shopped.:)

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