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  1. carl65

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    Jul 20, 2009
    North Shields Tyne & Wear
    Hi all i am wondering if anyone cant make Linkon show i would love to take yuor tickets off your hands for a fee of course i thought i had booked online when rang today to find out were my tickets were the transaction did not go through my broadnad must have fell away on laptop and did not finalize the transaction gutted is a understatement so please let me know if any one cant make it contact through pm or mobile 07974333573 grrr with all happing this last month this tops my month of !!!!!!
  2. Ralph-n-Bev

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    Nov 30, 2009
    Wrenthorpe, Wakefield.
    Hiya Carl , Helen , Ethan & Betsie.
    If you haven't got one yet , we just may be able to help you seeing as though you asked first . Or if anyone else is interested..... of course:Blush:
    You can buy ours if you want.
    For what ever we paid , have to look it up.

    We've booked Friday and Saturday night.

    Isabel's going to outward bound with school. She wont be coming back until 6ish Friday night. We didn't find out until tonight as we only got back from our holidays on Monday evening , and they were told which groups dates , on Monday morning :Sad:
    We could still go , but it would mean we wouldn't be arriving till 8 ish. Please phone Ralph on 07798668289 or pm us which ever you prefer.


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