Link to Ambleside Aire Closure (Miller Field)

Discussion in 'UK Touring' started by BillyS, Nov 26, 2013.

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    Oct 31, 2012
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    United we stand, divided we fall

    Millers Field has been established without planning permission. The system would not have granted PP but they will now make sure nothing like it will happen on this land now.
    The only way forward in my opinion is pressure on government to change the rules and separate towable caravans from Motor Caravans in legislation and follow the Spanish model. ie. (Eric Pickles his role as Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government please email him at eric.pickles@communities.gsi )

    Motorhome users are permitted to carry out manoeuvres of stopping and parking in the same conditions and with the same limitations as any other vehicle.
    It is indisputable that the exclusion of certain users must be necessarily motivated and based on reasonable objections such as the external dimensions of the vehicle or the maximum permissible weight (MMA) of the vehicle but not by use of subjective reasons such as: possible uncivilised behaviour by some users such as noise at night, dumping of garbage or waste water onto the public road, monopolization of public space by erecting structures and furnishings or other situations of abuse against which local authorities have effective legal tools to be used in a non-discriminatory manner against all violators, whether users of motorhomes or any other type of vehicle.
    In car parks if a vehicle is parked properly, without exceeding markings on the delimitation of the parking space, nor exceeds the time permitted, if any, it is irrelevant whether the occupants are inside the vehicle, and the motorhome is no exception, being sufficient that the activity in the interior does not transcend to the exterior by the setting up of elements which surpass the perimeter of the vehicle such as stalls, awnings, levelling devices, stabilizing devices, etc.
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    Copied from previous thread.
    I don't think that you can knock the National Park Authority. The Lakes are as they are because of the NPA. It is after all an area of outstanding beauty enjoyed by millions each year. Allowing one individual to spoil the pleasure of any of these millions for his own financial gain has to be resisted.

    Strangely enough I will be visiting Ambleside next week, sounds like a one man protest in favour of it's closure is in order. Working on my protest banner already.:thumb:
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    Thank you John. I always thought Miller Field was properly licensed. If that is not the case then I'm afraid the case cannot be won.

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