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Mar 3, 2023
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mercedes sprinter lw
Hi and thank you for your replies about the motorhome awnings. Very helpful.

I am hoping that you guys and girls enjoy sharing your expertise and experience- so may I ask another question please?

I haven’t fitted out my MB sprinter yet. I am hoping to have it ready for June.
I have gone around the houses with framing and have bought some 80/20 aluminium extrusion for the roof rack, the bed frame and the bed. I am comfortable with using this for that part of the build.

Does anyone know of a cabinet maker they might recommend please? I am looking to have my floor cabinets and high mount ceiling cabinets made ( not flat pack) from lightweight ply and glued together because from all my research, that is the strongest and lightest construction method. If I make them myself, I will have to learn totally new skills to make them look good and that will take a lot of time. If I buy a flat pack kit which I see some cabinet builders offer, it will be put together with screws, which I don’t want. I am looking to purchase ready made, lightweight ply, proper joins ( biscuits or dowels or dovetails to provide strength ) and glue.

I am happy to travel from my home near Milton Keynes and happy to fit myself.

Any advice on my thinking and advice on who I might be able to use would be very gratefully received.

Hopefully I may get this done and be able to use it over the Summer.

I bought 8 windows from van Pimps yesterday and fitted half of them. They look great, transform the van and were not expensive, albeit single paned glass bonded ones and only one opener. So easy to fit.
Nov 12, 2015
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Try looking at rainbow conversions i think they do furniture. Or speak with Wissel

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Apr 13, 2019
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Have a look at Magnum Motorhomes in Grimsby.
An alladins cave of all things for the conversion self- build enthusiast!👍
Have used them many times for electrics, lights, and lots if other incidentals.😊
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