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Discussion in 'American RV's' started by Thepips, Aug 3, 2008.

  1. Thepips

    Thepips Trade Member

    Sep 26, 2007
    Last weekend I was working on Gladys. As it was getting warm and I had the gennie running anyway I turned the aircon on. About 15 minutes later I was outside but heard the aircon turn off. When I went back in I saw the switch was still on. :Sad:Not having enough time to check I left it until today.
    So, I started by checking the A/C trips which were fine.
    It was at this point I realised the lights were off as well. So was the heating and the tank monitors as well.
    So back to the batteries, full voltage. Check the main battery isolator and that's ok as well. Got to be the main fuse, nope. Back to the internal fuse panel and no power. So it's got to be the cable between the main fuse and the fuse panel. Spent an unproductive hour trying to find out where the cable runs.
    Fortunately I've got a complete set of wiring diagrams so I spent the next 90 minutes poring over wiring diagrams trying to figure out where there might be a break. Absolutely nothing.:cry:
    Sat there, wondering where I can get professional help. Failing that a mechanic might come in useful.:ROFLMAO:
    Oh well, make some calls tomorrow and start to leave and as I do my eyes fall on....the remote battery isolation switch:Doh:
    Press it and everything springs back to life::bigsmile: Just one question, who turned it off? errrr that'd be me then:Blush:
    Just goes to show, always check the obvious things first.
    Oh well, alls well that ends well

  2. Tony Santara

    Tony Santara

    Jul 26, 2007
    Cheshire (ex Mancunian)
    Hi Doug
    I have senior moments too
    Last year at Malvern the Missus went to turn on the tap in the kitchen no water no pump :whatthe: spent an hour or so checking everything good have to get help so got Duncan Spanner our at the night time he had the bed up no feed to the pump , checked the fuses checked the wiring nothing , traced the wiring thruogh the shower bath room through the dinete nothing looked in the locker waste outlet and there was the problem :thumb: some idiot had turned on the switch for the outside shower canceling the switch inside :Angry: now who do you suppose did that.......ME

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