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Discussion in 'Motorhome Help for the Beginner' started by ccl, Mar 31, 2009.

  1. ccl


    Sep 22, 2008
    Rheindahlen, Germany
    We finally went on our first proper trip with our Chausson Flash 03 motorhome now the weather has warmed up a little. So heres a little write up of first impressions.

    It did not go well.:Sad:

    Obvious errors - Didn't pack a sharp knife or a tin opener(thought all tins were pull top now but apparently not):Doh:

    Less obvious errors- Wifes hairdrier and hot brush don't work when not plugged into the mains at ourfirst stop and travel ones at home!( You can't begin to comprehend what a major disaster that was!)
    As recommended on this site, keep a list of things you have forgotten.
    TOMTOM. How do you do GPS coordinates? Need to learn how as I couldn't get it to accept any locations for camping aires near our route.
    Need some vent covers as there was a freezing cold draft blowing through the fridge and cooker vents as we drove which was unpleasant for those sat in the back.
    Over ambitious travel. Its a transit van, its slow, its noisy, you can't believe the time estimated on TOMTOM. At our planned arrival time we still had 100 miles to travel due to wind, rain and snow.
    Wild camping is not for us. I thought we could stop somewhere near to Disneyland Paris when it became obvious we were not going to get to the car park that evening. So pulled off and stopped in a village car park. Nice and peaceful but wife not happy so we moved on. Ended up parked with the trucks at midnight in a service aire. Will plan my stops around 4 hours or 200 miles max travel in future and book a site in advance.
    Need more camping site information with addresses. What are the best books for France/Holland/Belgium and Germany?

    Apart from that it went well.:thumb: Everything in the Chausson worked fine. The shower was good the beds were more comfortable than they looked. The water heater was quick,the fridge cold, and both were silent. The toilet turned out to be very easy to use and empty. The diesel heater was good when stationary but couldn't cope with the freezing gale blowing through the vents when driving.

    Oh, and Disneyland, Paris is still crowded and expensive:Eeek:
  2. SteveandSue

    SteveandSue Funster

    Feb 18, 2009
    Guisborough North Yorkshi
    Regarding your question on Sites in France and Germany we have just returned from 3 weeks in Austria and Germany and we used the BOARD Atlas which is full of Stelplatz Campsites etc.We found that a lot of the large campsites have an area near the entrance that you can stay from 6pm until 9am for oround 10euros and use the toilet/Showers etc.There is also a list of Free sites,Council run sites Etc.The book is in German but we managed to find the places with no Satnav.For our trip to France at Christmas we had the French Aires book which was really helpfull both can be bought from Vicarous Books Online-Hope this helps your travels-- Sue:Smile:
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  3. Mikemoss


    Aug 14, 2007
    Corsham, Wilts
    Good post, I really enjoyed reading it - and I know exactly what you mean about the hairdrier situation!

    We all live and learn, and it sounds as though you've been quick to do so. One word of caution though, be vary wary of where that TomTom thing tries to take you.

    Happy travels
  4. DESCO


    Mar 11, 2009
    Glad all nearly went well, we all learn the hard way:Doh:

    We find the best way is make a list of what you find wrong either your fault or the vans. After 17 years we still have a list called "van forward planning" that is always in an obvious position and any problems found get listed there and then to be rectified before leaving home again.
    Don't rely totally on any sat nav, as in Scotland we followed ours only to be told board ferry and there had not been a ferry there for years.:cry:

    Still glad nothing realy spoilt the trip.::bigsmile:

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