Leisure battery not charging?

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    We have an Elddis Autoquest 2004 and have used it for the last 4 years. We never use electric hook ups as we usually wild camp and can't get a mains cable to the vehicle as it's parked in the road at home. It has a recent new leisure battery and I have had to resort to taking it off the vehicle to charge it indoors in anticipation of a trip away. The trouble is it obviously doesn't last long and doesn't seem to recover much at all if the vehicle is driven on the motorway for two hours or so.

    My question is - how much would you expect the battery to charge in that time? The main engine battery would be charged hard by the alternator but I guess the connection from the alternator to the lesuire battery is different and the charge rate is small? In any case, it doesn't seem to do much to improve the battery condition.

    I've tried looking at the Autoquest circuit diagram but it isn't clear where the connection from the engine is.
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    on the older vans, the split charge relay is normally near the engine battery on the firewall. regardless though the alternator will only supply a lower current to the leisure battery. fully charging by the alternator will take several hours. a battery to battery charger would help but most wild campers fit solar panels

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