leisure battery charging system?

Discussion in 'Tech/Mech General' started by leslie, Apr 26, 2010.

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    I have a a 1987 fiat ducato that has been converted professionally. It will charge leisure battery from a hook up on site, but will not charge from engine. I suspect the relay but am not sure what relay i will need. The relay fitted is a type 65.31, it says on the case 20A to 250V and also eec.0. The fridge however will run while engine is running. If you could be any help it would be appreciated.

    Also another question is if I ran negative & positive wires directly from the vechicle battery to the leisure battery would they charge the leisure battery as well as the vechicle battery? :Eeek:
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    i would say a regular 12v 30amp relay would suffice.

    connecting the two batteries as you say will charge both batteries but will also discharge both when using the leisure 12v stuff unless you fit a switch or fuse in the live wire to isolate the batteries when not running the engine.

    basicaly thats all the relay is doing anyway.
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    A decent sized Diode would do the trick. but not adviseable to connect the batteries anyway as they will only charge to the capacity of the smaller of the two batteries, thus any fault battery will pull the other down.
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    May be bit techy.:Eeek:
    Need standard relay 30 amp or larger will do, avaliable from any motor factor.
    terminal numbers normally 86,85,30,87 . 85/86 are relay coil the bit that operates the switch in the relay. 87/30 are the wires being switched.
    1) connect 86 to alternator warning light wire small terminal normally blue
    2) connect 85 to earth
    3) connect 30 to main battery + with good cable and 30 amp fuse (6mm cable approx)
    4) connect 87 to leisure battery + again with 6mm cable

    This should give you charging when running and isolate the batteries from each other when engine not running.

    hope this helps,
    love and light.:Smile:

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