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Aug 25, 2015
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I inadvertently left the rear view camera on whilst parked up with no EHU for a week. The vehicle battery was nearly flat when went to start it, so I jumped the vehicle from the car. Ten minutes later the van started up OK. but the Autocruise Control panel showed 0.0v on the vehicle battery and the step (which i know is fed from the vehicle battery refused to motor in or out,

I then put the EHU on overnite and all seemed ok.

Next day I drove 90 miles to Blackpool (getting new towbar fitted) and plugged into the Donkey Creek campsite for an overnite stop. I checked batteries on the Autocruise control panel all showing 13.6v and then looked at the habitation charger output current 12,6 amps????? Never seen it take anywhere near that current. Why were they not charged from the journey?

Then following overnite on EHU all were showing 14.1v so drove to towbar fitting place, left him with keys and 5 hours later new towbar fitted drove home 90 miles and put the EHU back on and then? They were taking 10 amps again.

So I've lost the alternator to leisure batteries link, is there some kind of B2B in an Autocruise Augusta?

Where should I look for it?

I'm handy with a multimeter so hopefully can fix this but any suggestions where to start?

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