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Discussion in 'Motorhome Chat' started by g4jnw, Apr 2, 2013.

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    Hi am more used to caravanning than campervan but have bought an old (1995) boxer 350 LWB that has been proffessionally converted and quite a few questions so i'll start with just 2

    The leisure batteries have been removed for some reason, but i noticed that there are 2 lots of connectors so presumably there were 2 fitted, am wondering if this was a bit overkill as there is a solar panel on the roof that charges the batteries. I only ever had one fitted on my caravan and only used this if i was stuck without a hook up.
    There are quite a few electrical items on the van - shower - which will have a pump, rotating aerial for the TV lights etc.
    There is a hookup on the van, is it normal to have 2 batteries on a campervan? or will one do, i will probably be using the van mostly on hook up.

    Next question.. I would like to buy a drive away awning and notice there is a rail right along the top full length of the van plus another down the side vertically at the back, is this whats called a J rail? plus anyone got advice on buying a suitable awning?
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    We have two 80w solar panels and two 110a batteries, that does what we want. On the previous van we had one 80w solar and one 80a battery and that was fine, smaller van (Autosleeper Pescara), I think a number of vans have two batteries.
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    If you don't stay on sites much, then the second battery can be useful, especially in the winter when the solar won't be doing much.

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