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    Hi All,
    It is now undeniable and general knowledge that Fiat chassis have a built in design / manufacturing fault with the shock absorber / flywheel.
    Could somone with knowledge of the Law say if it is legal or illegal to market these products as perfect when the manufacturers know they are not.
    Could a class action be taken by all of those who have bought these products because they were not informed of the defect(s) at time of sale.
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    In a word NO
    There are many many instances of so called built in faults and non to my knowledge has been successfully rectified via UK law
    Classic Examples
    Ford Cortina premature camshft failure, due to faulty oil spray bars, cured by a new deigned part
    Morris Ital/Mariner severe clutch judder going forward:Eeek: cured by larger diamiter clutch all two or three years after the initial problems started and all at the owners expense
    new Ford Transit last 3/4 years premature failure of duel mass flywheel clutch assemblies again a conversion kit resolves the matter ,but again at the owners expense if discoverd after the first 12 months and yet they all knew about these problems and did nothing
    class action?? NO me thinks not
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    :RollEyes: That's one good reason NOT to buy a new vehicle. You are paying to become the TEST driver. :Rofl1::Rofl1::Rofl1:
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    I remember about ten years ago in the states, rv's were being fitted with tires that were not fit for purpose.

    The tires were banned and replacement tires were at the expense of the owner.

    These tires had been fitted by a number of different rv manufacturers but it never cost them a penny.

    Thinking about it when you buy an rv in the states I think its the dealership who is legally required to issue a warranty and not the manufacturer.

    Anyway if you cant get compo in the states, where can you get it !!!

  5. Wilbury

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    I agree.
    But Fiat do not do anything even when their products fail the test.
    Once it was Lada and Trabant.
    Now Fiat (Sevel) have the title, with no one else even close.
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    Think again. Most RV manufacturers provide their own warranty, although in most cases the work will be done by a dealer who gets paid for the work by the manufacturer. Most buyers look to a dealer, even when claiming under the manufacturer's warranty. However, the dealer still has to submit the claim to the manufacturer for approval.

    The only warranty you'll get on a new RV from a dealer is a so-called extended warranty, which is typically an insurance policy issued by a third party. The dealer is the insurance agent/broker in the transaction, and typically charges 3-4 times what the same policy would cost if you bought it direct. That's why so many dealers use the line "if you want the extended warranty, you have to buy it now"; They know that buyers can shop around after the sale and find a much better deal on the policy.

    Occasionally a dealer might offer their own very limited warranty on a used (second hand) RV, but caveat emptor.

    There is no legal requirement for a dealer to issue a warranty, and you'll often see "no warranty" or "as is" on the window of a car or RV at a dealer's lot. However, some/many states have what's called a lemon law which provides for some remedies in the event you bought a lemon.
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