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    Dec 2, 2009
    I had a leak from the corner of dinning area window, this window had been taken out and re sealed in Oct had found water then, but putting hose on it nothing was coming through, anyway to cut a long story short was having trouble with it on holiday in Wales at Christmas and on returning home it seemed to be getting worse . I discovered that it was a deep scratch above and to the right of the window sustained by branch of a tree some time ago. Anyway my tip is this to keep water out untill weather improves to do it properly, I used brown parcel tape. Then I have used creaping crack I could only get this in the Ships chandlers DIY store never heard of it, It drys clear it seeks out the crack and seals it runs along and as it was freezing to day when I was doing it I put it on and dried it with hair dryer you just keep building up the layers.Thought it might be good as if it is used on boats they are always sloching about in water.
    Hope this helps someone as it has helped me.


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