Le Mans 24 Hour

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  1. scousebird

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    Apr 18, 2012
    South East Kent
    Anyone stayed on one of the campgrounds for the race - any advice, tips. Did you feel safe there? Any campground better that the others?
  2. Gizmouk

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    Nov 6, 2013
    We stayed (in motorhome) in Blu Nord a few years back - had no real issues, but obviously don't leave anything outside, and keep everything locked up. Try and get a pitch near the entrance - it's near the toilet block, and is where security hang out.
    On the Sunday the Itinerants move in looking for any they can scavenge - mainly abandoned tents / camping kit. Security turn a blind eye to them.
    The other benefit of being near the entrance is you see all the sports cars / super cars coming and going. We had a Ferrari and (my) Monaro on our pitch, loads of folk took pictures, but no one touches.
    Don't take the P on the Autoroutes. It's open season for the old bill - doing speed checks at every opportunity.

    Things to take:
    Beer / wine
    Food (food onsite is expensive, and pretty crap)
    loo roll - the onsite loos had none
    ear plugs
    More beer / wine

    The race:
    Everyone watches the start. Everyone watches a few laps at night. Everyone watches the finish. Inbetween - it's one big party :thumb:

    This site is worth a looksie:
  3. DavidG58

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    Feb 24, 2013
    Bolsover, Derbyshire
    I have stayed there a few times, all camp sites are at best rowdy, not really scary, but the fireworks can get a bit worrying

    Not really a family atmosphere, a lot of drunk mainly british men

    Virtually no control over traffic movements within the sites, so speeding drunk driving, the norm

    Best sites for access to circuit are Blue, I liked Beausjour for being close to the Porsche Curves

    Karting Nord was quite good for being beside the track, but a long walk as is Beaujour to the circuit

    In recent years things have become far more organised, but maximum pitch size is now 7 x 5m so 2 pitches will be needed for a big MH

    virtually no electrics, where there are there are regular fights for the points, showers and toilets are fairly good for first few days, but from Friday on are often not good, but again these are getting better

    Now will cost over £100 for camping and admission, used to be about £30 all in

    I will not be going back, done 7 of the last 12 years, now got too boisterous for me, it has probably not changed, I have just got older

    It would be virtually impossible to get out to the main off circuit corners without a car and then you need to allow a few hours to cover a few miles due to how busy it gets

    just my opinion though
  4. Mathilde

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    Jun 7, 2011
    Le Mans 24hr

    Hi, we went to the Le Mans Classic 24hr race 2 yrs ago. Stayed inside the circuit next to Karting Nord campsite in the overflow campground, (we hadn't pre booked, just arrived and bought tickets). Great experience.

    Buy a programme and a pit pass too.
    No elect, but hot showers and ok toilets
    As mentioned park as close as you can as security hang out near here
    Take earplugs if you want to sleep as you obviously have the car noise all night
    Felt completely safe, nice people around, mostly Brits
    Took the motorhome out during the day and left our chairs to secure spot…all good still there when we came back.
    Weather was wet and cold…be prepared
    Enjoy the many car club displays also
  5. Dergrowler

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    Jul 7, 2013
    High Wycombe
    Hi I have just got back from this years main race, have been going off and from 1990.

    Camp sites are now all marked out with pitch allocation and as side each pitch is 7 x 5 so depending on size of motor home might need two pitches.

    We where camped on Maison Blanche the toilets and shower blocks are keep clean but the is not enough for the size of site, but if you have the MH you will have your own facilitys for back up.

    I tried to rebook Maison Blanche for next year the day after I got back but its all ready full, there was talk that its being made smaller any way for a new porsche driving experience building being put up there. So looking at another site might be Blue Sud or even Rouge.

    As said before do not leave anything out towards the end of the week and over the weekend, lost a gas lantern this year my fault but still leaves a nasty taste in the mouth.

    You have not stated if its the full 24 or the Classic that you are thinking of going to, can not comment on the Classic. If its the full 24 hour than take walkman type radios as you will then be able to follow whats going on with Radio Le Manns.

    If you need any more details please ask, meet Highwayman on site this year and he said that there are a few other funsters that go regularly so you will not be short of advice.

    Regards David:thumb:
  6. big map

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    Mar 8, 2009
    We stayed on this site in 2012 for the Le Mans Classic Great site, Good pool, Shower block great and not too far from race track.
    Camping Le Pont Romain
  7. Arthur01

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    Apr 30, 2010
    24 hour Le Mans


    We did Le Mans 2012, first trip over the Chanel 900 miles in total and returned a respectable 11.899 to the gallon, managed to fill up near Rouen at 1.29euros per litre which was rather good.

    We went on the Euro Tunnel and with the left hand tyre just touching the kerb we had 1 to 1.5 inches on the right hand mirror - which is fixed and does not move unless hit by a lorry. We had been booked on Sea France but after their demise our travel agent booked with the Tunnel - which was a bit of a surprise - can't quite remember the widths but it was all a bit of a learning curve.

    We were on a site that was adjacent to the Porsche curves (PZ54 - honest that's what it was called!) a good location for the event - it would have been even better if was open when we arrived. Trying to find an instant overnight spot for 37ft & 11.5 tons was a challenge. At this point read errant gate post and scratches to the mid section of the RV.
    The site was basically a very large car park with a portable loo & an arrow on the ground pointing to a manhole for waste discharge. Lots of motorhomes on this site as it is a hard surface, no bars or food outlets so did not attract the passing drunk. Quite OK for our needs and a security bod on the gate 24/7. It was good to get to this site as it opened because the pitches were sprayed on to the gravel and the 10m x 8m pitches varied, I think it may have been relative to how much vino had been consumed when marking out. Suffice to say that at 11m we still had approx 1m to spare.
    A good source of info is 'beer mountain.com' whilst their pitch, on their annual visit to the event may not be yours the information about Le Mans is quite good.
    It was a very good trip and I could recommend it as a place to visit, - if you are a petrol head- there are a great deal of British attendees but other nationalities are available.

    Indeed some Swiss chaps arrived complete with dumper truck, they had removed the dumper bucket and replaced this with a 3 piece suite a patio table in the middle and completed the effect with a patio umbrella. The driver had a barrel of beer complete with bar taps beside him. Another had a sack truck with 2 chairs attached and a petrol engine to power it.
    There did not seem to be much interest in the Construction & use regulations with any form of transport.
    We also saw a group of Roman centurions complete with chariot being pulled by slaves. Great venue for people watching as well as the racing.

    We found it a very enjoyable event, we walked everywhere but there were 'noddy' trains that ran around the track & if you need to get to a distant part you could jump on one of these, there were various routes for these trains and I think they were free. The drivers parade is in the town which you can get to using the tram service which runs quite literally from the rear of the track into the town where you can watch the parade, grab a bite to eat & enjoy the atmosphere.


  8. Taran_Las

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    Mar 26, 2009
    Yr Wyddgrug
    Going to the classic in 9 days. I'll let you know.:thumb:

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