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  1. Webber


    Aug 18, 2012
    Hi, clearly I am new to this forum but hope to be picking everyone's brain over the coming months. I live in Lancashire.

    Preparing to split up with my partner, and trying to decide what best to do regards future housing, I have been thinking about putting my half of the equity into buying a second hand motor-home costing around £50000 to £60000. My half of the equity will only be about 100K and there is not much you can get in the housing market that I would be happy in, even in the Lancashire price ranges. I am on low income and at an age where I can no longer get a 10 year mortgage. I used to be a class one HGV driver so have no illusions regarding driving one, I have had many happy years where I have owned a touring caravan, so know what it means to cope on limited space. However I know nothing about motor-homes, nothing about the costs. I remember that you where not allowed to park and sleep in your caravan just anywhere and wonder what the rules are regarding using your motor-home as your main home.

    I work nights and my rota works out that I have 8 nights off in a row every month and would like to take this opportunity of spending this time in a place that I love in south west Scotland.

    I realise that it would be unwise to go ahead with this idea unless I am very informed on the pros and cons and would be grateful for any advice and information on anything to do with this way of living. I will be living alone but never the less would like to go for a motor-home around 21 feet upwards.

    Thanks you
  2. chatter


    Aug 3, 2009
    Hi and welcome

    may i point you in the direction of

    you will probably get all the info you need there re living in your van, how to go about being legal for insurance etc - it is a bit of a minefield and if you get it wrong can be costly, quite a few members from fun and rvoc are on there.

    Size and layout are a personal choice and need to be thought about carefully to make sure you get it right for you
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  3. icantremember

    icantremember Funster

    Sep 2, 2010
    Nr Watton in Norfolk
    Hi Webber And welcome to the Fun.

    If I was in your situation I would get myself a static caravan as a base in the area of Scotland you like so much.
    I would then get a smaller motorhome for traveling and commuting to work, where you could stay locally during your shifts.
    This would give you the freedom to travel while still having a base for insurance purposes and for receiving mail etc.

    Just my thoughts but good luck with your new life.

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  4. Stephen & Jeannie

    Stephen & Jeannie

    Aug 27, 2008
    Gobowen near Oswestry !!
    Go for it !

    Been there, done that etc !!
    When my marriage went tits up that's just what I did ! And I have never looked back !
    Currently going up to Scotland for a few weeks !:Cool:
    Best of luck !!!:thumb:

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