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Feb 10, 2011
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A Class Hymer B584
Since 2010
Showing a bit of interest in one of the above at Highbridge Any views positive or negative about this make/model or were any funsters a previous owner. Be interested to hear any views.
Aug 19, 2007
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Mike & pauline @quickweh have one, think its 2008 model,they have had it about 4 years now i think,they would probably help will any info.

Dec 2, 2010
Hollywood, Birmingham.
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A Class Laika
Since 2011
We love ours which has the 3 litre engine and plated at 4 tonnes. There are 2 lounge layouts so not sure which one you are looking at. You can PM me if you have specific questions to ask.

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Nov 9, 2015
North Hampshire
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Hymer MC-I B 580
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The comments below relate to a 2008 registered model, later models were improved
  1. The front screen delaminates … it’s a design fault all the ones in the club had had multiple screens. I had 3 screens in the time I had it (replaced under warranty) and it was coming up for a forth. The van flexes on bends and as the supports are not stiff enough the screen gradually delaminates water gets in and you see it as a white film creeping in from the edges. No solution available.
  2. The saloon door central locking fails. The reason is due to the saloon door wiring .. it breaks due fatigue.. the wiring I between the door and chassis is the wrong type for a flexible joint. My wiring was also all black ( there were about 6 wires) so I changed the wires after the first breakage for a fully flexible type we used at work and protected the sleeving better …. This best done before the wires break because in my case it was a multiple breakage at it wasn’t easy to figure out which was which.
  3. The front wheel bearings don’t last. My first one (front offside) went after 12000 miles the second ( again front offside) after about 15000 miles. Again a known problem with this vehicle.
  4. I don’t know if the an issue in Europe due to the weather but the negative battery earth lead corrodes and its not easy to spot. You start to have what appears inconsistent starting … its an easy fix but again due the layout not so easy to visually see.

Otherwise we enjoyed the van, found it comfortable, well laid out ( apart from the stupid orientation of the of the Truma heating system … the control panel was 90 degrees to the cupboard door opening and was facing the bulkhead and was obstructed by the water pump … which made changing the fuse a real so and so but hey ho c’est la vie living with motorhome.

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