Ladies! One for the Neandertal in yourlife!

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    Jun 30, 2010
    Now we know that I'm the only Sensetive New Age Guy (SNAG) that reads the MAIL on this site (it seems that way anyway!)

    SO! Ladies!!!:winky:

    thought I'd share a recipe, perloined from said missive, that easy, even your coocheecoo could manage it! WITHOUT SUPERVISON! :Doh:
    HAHAH! Chance will be a fine thing I hear you say!:RollEyes: but I managed this myself in about 15- 20 minutes in the M/h

    750gms new Potatoes (this serves four)
    1 fresh Chillie (However hot as you fancy!) chopped finely
    6tbsn Olive Oil (Mate! use a good one)
    Zest of 1 lemon
    8 Anchovy Fillets (I used 12)
    6tbsn chopped Flat leafed Parsley

    Boil the spuds, when tender, drain in a sieve, and let steam dry
    Halve them and slice into 1cm slices.
    Combine the Zest and the Oil in a large bowl (I did this before hand, it allows the Oil to pick up the Lemon Flavour)
    Bung in the Spuds, stir around a bit to coat the spuds,
    leave to infuse in Lemon flavoured Oil,
    Sling in the rest of the ingredients, transfer to a serving bowl,
    A squirt of lemon juice


    It's advised to have it with Lamb, but, we had it as a light lunch on it's own.

  2. wivvy's dad

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    Jun 22, 2010
    Make sure you're wearing something protective on your hands (filling station gloves will do) when you're slicing the chillies, 'cos sure as eggs is eggs, when you wipe the corner of your eye (as you do) or worse, the Old Fella, you WILL experience pain like you've never known pain before.

    I cannot even begin to describe the pain, and the time it lasts.................

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