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Feb 22, 2009
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La Strada,
since 2000
I post this simply because I notice no one has posted to date.
We have owned our current Van a seven year old La Strada "Nova" for about five years.
This decision to replace our Autosleeper "Polensa" with this was quite a U turn in ideas, the Polensa seating 5 with ease the Nova 4 with difficulty. The Polensa 4 berth had a Kit bed, the Nova a double Fixed ( could be +2 with and addition of the front bed) . The Polensa, a Kitchen Stove, the Nova a 2burner Hob. The Polensa a conventional Uk coachbuilt slabsided with loads of joints, the Nova Monocoque ( bit like the AS Executive & Clubman).
The Polensa Peugeot and underpowered, the Nova Mercedes drives like a car.

Basic Specification: Coachbuilt 6M long, Double bed with additional front berth if required, Driver and Passenger seat belts only, 316 CDI Mercedes Sprinter base.

So after 5 years what do we think ?

First thing you do is drive and I was told when purchased it was a 100mph van and it is, not that we charge arround at this speed but Autoroute speeds are just set on the cruise and you sit and enjoy.

Second probably is cook your meal. The hob is pretty useless but with all of our vans I have never cooked inside as I hate stale cooking smells, condensation and heat. ( the oven in the Polensa was used as a cupboard). So I cook outside using my various gadgets, Microwave,Bravoska,Grill,Pressure cooker etc (this I enjoy).
After dinner we lounge and this for 2 is very comfortable swiveling the front seats to watch the TV,read etc.

Next would come the Ablutions. The Loo is quite large with a proper shower compartment and plenty of room to sit and read the times. Big Mirrors and fitted shelves and cupboard. All of the walls are Plastic as opposed to waterproof wallpaper as in our previous vans.

Then we go to bed. This is quite honestly better than our bed indoors; it has a sprung base and is very comfortable. Acess to the bed looks awkward but once you aquire the knack and cover the bed rail with Pipe foam quite painless.

Finally I suppose is storage. Inside the Luton there are cupboards and Lockers both overhead and underfoot the only complaint here is the wardrobe which is very small ( one ballgown and one blazer and flannels). Then there is the boot. In here I can get my small motorbike, drive away awning, lafuma chairs, cooking equipment, generator, model aeroplanes / boats plus all of the other essential detritus we Motorhomers carry.

Modifications: I fitted several extra 13 amp Sockets, Door locks , security plates and an alarm system.

In conclusion. La Strada are rather expensive and when we purchased the van at 2 years old we could have had many new alternatives. But we are pleased with the decision we made and even now at 7 yrs vintage we have no plans to change as it rings most of the bells for us. The build quality is excellent, the base vehicle possibly the best.

Finally there is a La Strada Owners Club who are a friendly bunch of La Strada Owners.
You do get a sense of exclusivity in that you see very few about and to meet another Nova in the UK has happened just three times to date.


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Jul 25, 2007
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Thanks for the report ,
ticks many of my boxes too, I like the base vehicle, construction and the layout. a great looking van .. :thumb:

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