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Sep 13, 2007
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Now before Peter of JohnXMotors suggests that I am continually knocking Swift for their failure to reply, which they have not as yet, I would suggest he does a search on the MHF under Swift and look back a bit. (name removed) inundated the forum and even ventured on to other forums with his Kontiki problems. He eventually got results and may have been a factor in Swift favouring that forum for responding to.

My posting is to highlight a possible problem with the cheap door retainer(Veneta) fitted to my Kontiki. Having started to fail I obtained an exact replacement for the sum of £2.00(Not happy as previous had cost me £1.80). Removed the old one, and not paying attention discovered the part fitted to the door can go on either way. It appears to operate better with the high side to the outer edge of the door. Hope this may assist others.

ps Had thought of contacting Swift but ??????
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Jul 19, 2007
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Please do not think of inundating the forum with your issues with Swift. Do tell us about them, but once is enough. Thanks:Smile:

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