Kampa Motor Rally 260XL info needed

Discussion in 'Motorhome Accessories' started by Detnor, Aug 7, 2015.

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    Just seen advertised a Kampa Motor Rally 260XL, a year old, owner apparently has changed to an air version from the 'old' pole system. The spec is for awning rails of 270 - 280cm, whereas my rail on the fiamma is at 260cm. This was measured on flat ground, so obviously can change.

    The question is, does anyone have knowledge of these things....will the XL still work on a lower rail.

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    I have a Kampa awning, mine is the air version but the connection to the rail will be the same I would have thought. My guess is it will be fine other than you may create a gutter, but the webbing is waterproof so I would think it would still run away

    The XL is the taller version of the standard height so you might be better not going for the XL, I guess it really depends on how much they are asking, if not too much buy and try you can always sell it on (y)
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