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Kampa Air Grande 390 XXL to a AutoTrail Cheyenne 696SE (1 Viewer)


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Jun 12, 2019
Surrey, UK
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Autotrail Cheyenne 6
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I have just tried out my Kampa Air Grande 390 XXL on my Autotrail Cheyenne 696SE. It works - well sort of....
Grande height is 10cm too high when in Fiamma Awning rail wound right back in.

So, I wound Fiamma awning back out about 20 cm and launched it UP with the poles on the Grande.
Now - this then 'sets' the Grande Height right to the ground but bit hard to get it close to Moho to 'seal' because the Fiamma is slightly wound out.
This was my First attempt, so I think it may work with some fiddling

I was thinking of one of those 'driveaway' extensions that I could fit to the Rail when wound in and it would then loop UP to enough height for the Grande...

Any suggestions welcome to try!


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