Just renewed my insurance and moved to AIB


Nov 12, 2013
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Got the renewal notice from my insurer this week - gone up to £330.64 - so started shopping around on the internet. All the companies got exactly the same information filled in on their web sites, so how come the quotes are so wildly different??
From the highest at £664.85 to the best quote at £230.68 - a difference of £434.17 between the quotes :Eeek:
Then the fun starts when the companies phone up hoping to sign you up by offering to better their own online price. Comfort haggled themselves down from £664.85 to £255.70 without any help from me - a reduction of £409.15 - but couldn't match my best quote from the C&CC at £230.68. So I completed the online form for AIB and waited for my call-back. Nigel phoned me on Saturday morning and went through all my details before running into a problem, he couldn't get a price for me without contacting the underwriters because of my postcode :Eeek:
Fast forward to Tuesday when Nigel phoned back with a quote of £229.87 - well impressed :clap2:- but being me I phoned my existing insurers to try and get them to beat that price.
"Hello Lifesure, I'm calling to say that I've had a better quote and won't be renewing with you at your price" "OK thanks for letting us know" and put the phone down on me!!
So goodbye Lifesure, hello AIB and thank you Nigel ::bigsmile:::bigsmile:
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Aug 27, 2013
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Just moved to AIB and saved over £100 on a comparable policy. Excellent customer service from Nigel and no hassle or dramas :)

Forgot to add that my current insurers (Adrian Flux) promptly beat that figure when i called them but when I asked how they managed it, they admitted they had taken off numerous things, one of which was breakdown cover ! Helpful huh - NOT :mad:
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