Just a heads up if you are stopping in Bayeux..

Jan 14, 2015
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we recently stopped at 34 Boulevard d`Eindhoven 14400 Bayeux. Campsite, a short a pleasant walk from the town of Bayeux, euro22.50 for the night including hook up. Facilities are spotless, modern and the staff are extremely helpful.
However, we were woken at 2.30am to a knock on the door, I slipped the blind to see 2 males outside, I'm not a shy person so opened the door and made it clear that they have chosen the wrong van to come calling at, after a little erm discussion, they decided it best they left.
The real surprise was when I reported it in the morning to the reception, I got the impression she wasn`t surprised, I was right as after a little probing it seems its a regular problem at the end of the season that the locals come to see what they can liberate. They have no cameras and no other security measures in place.
The police turned up about an hour later and did a lap of the site. I was told later that day the two were known to the police and have been picked up, homeless drug addicts.
Shame really, took the edge of our stay as Bayeux is a stunning place to visit.


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Jun 5, 2020
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Oh that is a shame, we stayed there last month, fantastic site and location, especially the pool next door. We had no problems thankfully, no wonder it took the edge off your stay. :cry:
May 12, 2011
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It is such a pleasant site. We had a young lad of about 10 knocking on the door early one morning, did his best to get in. He spoke English and was persistent, eventually left but we were told there would have been adults hiding waiting for him to report back.

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