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  1. penson

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    Fiat Ducato judder in reverse.I have had 2 of these vehicles first was with the Pergot badge the current one bears the Fiat label.They are all made in the Fiat factory in Italy.Both suffered from the problem both I purchased from new one in 2007 the Fiat in 2008. I have reported the problem to Fiat customer services who reply was in essence.there is on a few vehicles a slight judder whilst revesing up inclines not one however to create a major problem .
    Any one else had a problem
  2. pappajohn

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    Aug 26, 2007
    YO11 2BD
    hi penson, and welcome to the FUN :thumb:

    just input "judder" in the search+ box above.

    hundreds of posts relating to this.:Sad:
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