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Hi Guys, first post on the forum and hope somebody can help me out. Recently purchased a '92 Swift Capri 610 GL fitted onto a Talbot chassis cab. It is fitted with a J.R alarm system and I was given two handsets to operate the alarm. Unfortunately at the time I picked up the vehicle my wife (who was with me became quite ill) and I just wanted to get into the vehicle and get home. In the rush I forgot to ask how the alarm operated and can't find any info on the net. Hope somebody out there may be able to help me out. I am afraid to try and activate it in case it has an immobiliser etc and I make a mess of things. Any info much appreciated - Dru


Jul 19, 2007
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Hi Dru,

I have not heard of that alarm, but there are literally hundreds of different types of alarm. We do have a couple of alarm installers who look in here regularly so i am sure you might get some help soon. Meanwhile, can you not ask the previous owner about the alarm?

And a big welcome to the fun:thumb::thumb:


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Oct 14, 2007
If you are still about tell me and I will find more details they were made by a company called JR[John Rust] pre Thatchem I had one fitted to one of my cars in 1994 and it still works although I had to get a new remote about 10 years as I broke one,
Its an alarm/immobilizer.


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Oct 4, 2007
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Hi Dru, I can't help I am afraid, I have specialised with Motorhome Security systems for nearly 20 years. As Jim said there are hundreds if not thousands of systems around. The market is smaller now thanks to regulation.

One piece of advice I can give you, don't write to MMM and ask as I am their motorhome security consultant:Smile: so it would be a waste of time.

Although I have not heard of that system, it could be a badged product, in effect another manufacturers systems produced for JR.

Could you email me a picture of the key fobs, I may be able to recognise it from that and then supply some instructions


Email me on eddie@vanbitz.com if you can take a picture.
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