Iveco 16 ins Wheels and tyres

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    Anybody want some 16 inch wheels and tires to fit a Iveco ? FREE :thumb:
    16 x 185 x 75 x 2 and 16 x 195 x 75 x 4 but one tire is down on tread - rest all about good half tread left :thumb:
    Just got another four new ones to match the front two @ £60 each so replacing the lot :thumb: Only thing is he brought me 2 x 16 x 195 x 75 a couple of months back and now brought 4 x 16 x 195 x 65 so they will go on the back :BigGrin: 2 Michelin AGILIS and 2 Perillis Chrno so it will have to be one mich and one pirl on each wheel rather than pirs and mich on left and right.:thumb:
    If anybody fancies some new ones there are a few left @ £ 65 each - not my mark up :Doh: but the man who gets them :thumb:He can drop them off at my home and you can pick them up from here :thumb: Not sure which they would be pirs or the mich but they will be matching pairs of either 16 x 195 x 65s or 75s on new Iveco wheels :thumb: All balanced and metal valves- Not knock offs straight from main dealers
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