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Discussion in 'Motorhome Chat' started by bandit, May 21, 2012.

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    Afternoon all,just had a letter from my insurance company saying they want another 66pnds for my vehicle been in secure storage,and it is secure.High fencing keycode entry cctv and a security company opposite which is 24;7.Quite shocked really,its an 20yrs old motorhome.As i call it rip off britain,Iwill be looking else where when it comes up for renewal.Oh by the way the company is Comfort Insurance.They say it is the post code area.My guess its parked to close to the 2 power stations and the docks,another excuse to get money out of us motohomers.:thumb::Cool:ALL THE BEST......THE BANDIT
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    they are all thieving robbing scumbags, and some of their practices are very questionable. One, is a rolling policy, where at the end of the term, if you dont like the renewal quote, you have to giove them notice of it, in writing, X amount of days beforehand!!!

    Another one, I have just fell foul of, I started getting emails telling me my renewal was due, and that they would continue the policy unless i told them otherwise.......about four emails over a couple of weeks.......none contained a renewal quote. When i phoned them and questioned this, they said "we emailed you to phone us to gve you the quote",............I explained that i was the customer, in a position to buy their product, and they shouldm be knocking on MY door so to speak asking for my custom.
    Young sprog on the other end of the phone did,nt agree, he reluctantly gave me the quote, which i declined, he then got a bit invasive in his quest to find out where i would get it cheaper, until i politely told him to go forth and multiply. I went with saga at exactly the same price.

    Sooner or later, the govt will be pushed into stopping these leeches from using manufactured statistics to rob us all, and cause some young people to be either criminals, or in debt as soon a sthey start work.
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    If times are so tough for the insurance companies why do they spend so much on capturing new customers, often to the detriment of loyal customers?

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