Aug 18, 2014
Funster No
Transit PVC
6 years since restarting
This chap, Guy, did it a few years back.

If you notice he specifically changed his van to one that was easily repairable with hammer & nails. :giggle:

he did Syria as well & had the van repaired ,wheel bearing I think, in Aleppo.

When I was talking to him here back in 2018 he said that he found speaking English was far better than French in areas which had at any time France had been in.
For the 5 or 6 years before my brother retired in 2007 he was working with 40 or 50 Iranians both men & women based at his offices in Fulda ,Germany. Quite often he would have to go to the plants in Iran & he said that the people in general were extremely welcoming , hospitable & with a great sense of humour .It was the leaders where the problem lay.
Also & being a drivers driver he said that it was the only place in the world where he refused to drive.