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Discussion in 'The Beginner' started by chance, Sep 5, 2009.

  1. chance

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    Is it possible to get internet in the mh? I have been looking at powerful wifi antennas but I am really not sure if this is the thing I need?
    NLP Scotland
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    Aug 27, 2008
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    Gobowen near Oswestry !!
    Welcome !!!!

    Good morning "chance" and welcome to the forum ! I am posting this missive from a car park in Shrewsbury where I can't sleep ! I am using whats called a dongle. All the mobile phone places have them between £10 and £20 per month or you can pay as you go. I am with O2 and pay £15 per month for unlimited access. As I live in my motorhome all year round then it's a necessity for me. However don't use one abroad as the "roaming" charges kick in and it will cost a fortune, use wi-fi places instead. You will be inundated with messages about this subject and there are heaps of past posts about it.....hope that this helps...:thumb:
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    :Cool: When I first went Mobile, I used our Mobile phone connected to the Laptop or Computer. Very slow in those days. But quite capable of sending and receiving emails and the odd web page. Then I started using Wifi, used it on 3 month tour of USA and then on camp in Spain. For the UK I use the THREE Broadband USB Dongle. Happy onboard surfing. :thumb:
  4. chance

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    I purchused a nanostation for when abroad which is supposed to be a long range wifi antenna and I went with a vodaphone dongle. Thanks for the help.

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