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Discussion in 'Continental Touring' started by barnybg, Feb 10, 2010.

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    Hello,Just a bit of a rant really ,i drove my camper M/H over to BUlgaria which is 1800 miles as i have a house there,rather than drive back etc i leave it there,of course after the TAX,INSURANCEand MOT runs out (or 6 months) by law you must reregister/export that vehicle into the NEW countries system ??
    What i'm getting at is,for long haul journeys or wildcampers or people who live in their vans,this system is a pain in the arse,its because we dont fit into the box that Govt's want us in.
    Why cant we have an INTERNATIONAL SYSTEM ,which is easy nowadays as everything is computorized,so that my number plates are logged with my passport also then i can take out insurance/mot if need be in ANY country or definately ANY EU country,as its totally absurd,i have to drive back to origins every year to top up,insurance ,MOT,and tax ?????
    So i converted to BG plates,but same applies here,for instance if i decide i want to go to Spain/Morroco etc for a year or more,...well i cant i have to drive all the way back !!
    Why cant forums like this ,join forces with other members of other forums similar and petition for special or different rights in terms of motorhomes or travelling EU citizens.
    If i'm paying taxes into the EU know,not the UK,then surely i should be able to travel freely for as long as i want without having to return to origin every year?
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    im sure many will agree what you are saying but how many EU motorhomers actually spend all year 'abroad' as opposed to those that only visit for a short time.

    the numbers must be very low and any petition wouldnt really carry any clout.

    it would need to go the european court to be passed and i really cant see that happening.

    my opinion and mine alone :thumb:
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    It's all about keeping folk in check.
    The authorities don't like anyone 'disappearing' off the radar and the UK is possibly the most notorious for this. You have to remember though that since 9/11 etc this country has become a fortress.
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    A Europe wide system would be excellent, but I don't think the absence of one has got anything to do with keeping us in check. Testing procedures, rules and regs of our own country seem to be complicated enough, I imagine ratifying MOts between countries like our own, Greece, Germany & Poland etc would cost a few million over the years it would take. I'm sure there have already been quite a few expenses claimed discussing precisely this in Brussels

    Meanwhile I would not have thought that insisting a British registered vehicle has a compulsory MOT check has anything to do with people disappearing, especially as the system was in place decades before 9/11
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    Only One way

    The Fortress only works on those wanting OUT. those coming in just vanish into the woodwork and re-apear on flights to America with bombs in their undies!!!!!.

    pete (cynic)

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