Insurance after my rear end shunt

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    May 7, 2011
    Isle of Wight
    I have just had to insure my new motorhome , after the last one was written off . ERS was quite expensive as apparently they don't like insuring New moho's. ( they were my insurers on my previous one)
    Got a reasonable /acceptable price from SAGA , then a week after I insured with them & explaining at the time of my NO fault accident , they then contacted me to say as the Insurance co of the other driver hadn't settled with ERS Ins , so it was classed as an open fault accident !!!! & I would have to pay difference.
    Well after me chasing ERS & the other Ins co , & getting no further. I phoned SAGA & agreed to settle the difference rather than have my Insurance cancelled or void.

    Only to find it was £8.80 cheaper than what I had originally paid . they refund it back the next day .
    RESULT !!!!
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