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Discussion in 'Motorhome Chat' started by Wilbury, Aug 11, 2008.

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    Hi All,
    When a new motorhome is bought, do any of the dealers or manufacturers supply a quality control check list that shows the various processes involved have been done and checked to the required standard. Similarly, is a Pre Delivery Checklist supplied by the seller.
    I ask because of the high number of faults reported by purchasers, some very serious.
    It does seem to me that checking is not in fact done, or if it is, is done as badly as the manufacture itself. It also seems that the manufacturers and dealers are happy, not only to sell defective goods, but to do anything they can to avoid the rework required.
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    Youve hit the nail on the head :Eeek:

    Unfortunately its cheaper to let the end user find the problems and then get them sorted (with a lot of arguing and feet dragging!!!) than it is to properly check the things before it leaves the factory/dealers. :cry:

    I suppose the thinking is that as they are sold with so many faults hopefully the untrained eye (namely you and me!!!) wont spot them all and a lot of the little faults will simply "go away"!! :Doh:
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    I would not let a MH go out with KNOWN FAULTS, that were not disclosed to an new owner, neither would any of my staff, end of story.

    There will be occasions when the vehicle will develop faults, we do not have a crystal ball, if we did, we could perform miracles.

    All we can do is thoroughly check and test all the equipment fitted before it leaves us.

    There is absolutely no point in trying to 'hoodwink' buyers, they only come back and it makes more unneccessay work.

    We like happy satisfied customers.

  4. motoroamin


    Aug 12, 2007
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    It is in the dealer's interest to check the vehicle as thoroughly as possible (see above), however that is not the same as a full shakedown in the first few trips.

    However good the dealers PDI is, he cannot be expected to go over every nut, bolt and jubilee clip - a PDI is a Pre Delivery Inpection, not a service; I know of dealers who spend a great deal more than the manufacturers recommended time at PDI snagging as many problems as possible to alleviate as much aftersales grief as possible. There are so many aspects to this type of vehicle that 100% reliability from despatch is an almost impossible goal to achieve.

    Most manufacturers do produce an inspection sheet with a vehicle and claim to test all equipment prior to despatch to the dealer, however they place the responsibility for the final check with that supplying dealer.

    A poor dealer PDI should not be excused - everything should be complete, working and undamaged. If the build isn't up to scratch, that's not the dealers fault.

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