Inland from Barcelona then North into France, suggestions please.

Discussion in 'Continental Touring' started by Encantador, May 28, 2014.

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    Will be leaving Barcelona in next 10 days or so, plan is to head inland for a week, maybe a little longer, then head back into France to travel up West coast.

    Looking for suggestions as to where to go inland, one maybe two stops that will put us in a good spot to then head North. Don`t really want to go much further South.

    We are a 28ft tag towing a trailer and have found so far sites in Spain are not ideal and definitely need to be walked around before pulling in.

    Looking at the map Zaragoza looks like a possibility but can`t find any decent sites anywhere near, we are mainly using ACSI.

    Ideally when heading North want to avoid any route too mountainous.

    Any suggestions of towns, sites, routes would be welcome.

    We have a dog.


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    Malaga, Spain
    Have used Zaragoza Municipal Camping a couple of times on our way north. More expensive than ACSI but a nice site on bus route into town, Zaragoza (City) absolutely worth a visit. If you are turning inland, visit Montserrat about an hour inland from Barca with wild/free parking opportunities in the foothills below town and cable car station.

    Regards, Bryan

    PS: Don't know about the dog situation.

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    Parc Verger - Limousin
    When you head into France, you are welcome to come and visit us; no problems with a tag axle, nor your dog. We are delighted to have three Funsters on site at present, all lovely people - sadly the Munchies are away at the moment, but they'll be sorry to have missed them!

    If you want a vet's appointment for your dog before you head back to the UK we can sort that for you too - we've a good one along the road who speaks English.

    Enjoy your travel

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    forest of dean
    we did just this route from santander at easter.

    if you head west from barcelona, then caspe is nice and quiet.
    i found CM zaragosa to be expensive, out of the way, on the flight path and infested with ants.

    if you head north to Andorra, then you get a steady climb into the pyrenees, but not too bad. you also get the cheapest booze, fags and fuel in europe.

    i notice you have a scooter, i got a set of tyres for my bike for less in euros than i would pay in ££'s

    the drop down into france is a bit steep,but frequented alot by m/h so the traffic is used to them/

    if you'er going up the west coast, then pop into Gastes for a night or 2, and Fouras

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