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    Haughton, Stafford..
    And any one else interested...

    I know you look in most mornings for updates Mr Poacher... ::bigsmile::winky:

    As to date.... the Sat Internet has worked superbly... although the plot we were allocated when we got to Zahora there was a tree right in line with the Internet Satellite,, and when the site tinternet went down we dropped back on another plot with clear view for Astra 2 and the internet Sat..

    It is working as fast here in the furthest Sou/West we will ever go.... as it does in the UK...

    No adjustments are nessesary and the sliding scale is showing right at the top for signal quality and strength...

    And as a by.. contrary to what has been said by others .... we are able to through the Oyster dish to pick up most of the Sky package... although some channels do drop off/out and freeze.. :Sad:

    Poacher knows more than any what system and little boxes and gizmo`s I have got fitted...

    Next stop Portugal.... but as we will be getting nearer the UK, I cannot foresee any problems..... but will keep you posted... :thumb:

    Spend your money mate.... I don't think you will regret it,,,,, especially if you sign up with "Satellite International"...

    Incidently they have dropped my monthly subscription down from £24-95 to £19-95... still with unlimited use... :thumb:

    Don't know why... but I`m not complaining at les than a £5 a week.. ::bigsmile:

    Meant to have put this on RVOC... :Doh::RollEyes:
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    Never mind Mo, it's your age you know!
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