Induction cooker or solid fuel?

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    Jan 26, 2010
    I've got two pieces of kit I really like. One is a Prima induction cooker and the other is my Cobb cooker. Like the Cobb I use the Prima on the boat, but I'm sure it would be fine in a MH if you've got mains power. It only cost about £35 off the internet and it does what it says on the tin, except....

    Prima Induction Cooker

    Cheap, only £35 off the internet. 1800 watts and takes a 10 inch pan. Great!, except if you've only got aluminium pans, like I had. They won't work! I ended up paying more for a single pan, a skillet, than I paid for the cooker in the first place. I wasn't happy. If your pans are magnetic, they should work.
    I've had the Prima for about a year now and already the mains cable protective outer cover has completely split, all the way round, where it goes into the main unit, the wires are exposed. I've had this problem with other 'made in China' electrical items as well. The unit has a CE mark so either they have not been checked properly, or the standard needs lifting.
    My conclusion is. Really good idea that works well, spoiled by the cheap tack cables used. If it's like this on the outside, what about the stuff I can't see on the inside. If I do buy another one of these I'll be prepared to pay a good deal more to get better quality.

    Cobb Grill

    Costs less than £100, stainless steel, no moving parts, no electricity required, compact, lightweight, can be used anywhere, I could go on but I won't. The Cobb ovens, grills fries, boils. It's a complete cooking system that will cook a full breakfast or dinner and will cook a full family BBQ. It can do this inside your home, MH, tent or boat, no problem. Have a look at the free article below, you can access video there as well.

    I do like the idea of induction cooking when you have a good mains supply. The price I paid should have flagged a red light, but didn't. After one year I'll end up chucking the Prima out, if only on safety grounds. I could change the mains cable, but I can't change what's inside.

    The free article link below only covers the Cobbs use as a pizza oven, but has further links that show all sorts of cooking.

    Cobb Pizza Oven :Smile:
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