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Hi, new to this site and after some advice/information. I`m in the process of importing my Hymer E690 (TAG axle) into Spain where I live & the `authority` have asked for installation certificates for the gas & electric. The guy I brought it from in Holland had no such things, neither had the dealer he got it from (never heard of such things). I emailed Hymer themselves & got a reply that inferred that I`d probably need to get these from an MOT station.

Has anyone got any ideas?




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I think you will need to go to your local ITV station for advice. They will normally tell you what is required for matriculation although the cost has escalated greatly in the last few years. We are in Torre de la Horadada but we don't stay full time so continue to run on UK plates. We have never been troubled by the authorities and as far as I am aware we are completely within the law. Hope you manage to get it sorted. Tony


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Importing a Hymer into Spain

An interesting question. I am going to Germany in November to import a motorhome into Spain. My garage in Bigastro is owned by a Spaniard who speaks such good English I thought he was. He does all ITVs and I will speak to him and ask about the cerificates. I would have thought that Cepsa or Repsol who do the tests in your home would be able to check the gas system in a motorhome. No doubt a competent Spanish electrician would be able to do the same. You could always book the motorhome into a dealer and get them to service it and do all checks they would issue the certificates and I am sure be able to deal with the importation. At a cost of course. Probably up to 1000.00€
Let me know how you get on, I live near Rojales.
Tony Dean

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