Importing From Germany, UK paperwork, my experience.

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    Oct 29, 2011
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    I ordered our Flair late last October, and after all the wait it was at the dealer on the 6th of July, only 1 week late due to some factory fitted specials which had to be done "off the line".
    So we got to Dortmund on the 5th and into the dealer smartly on the 6th at 09:00. I had sourced a "dinky" front loading washing machine in Germany and the dealers were going to fit this which with the PDI, changing some sockets was all complete by the evening of the 8th. So our plan intact we set off early on Thursday the 9th, and got on the Tunnel train an hour earlier than our booking, so onto Stonehenge camping for the night stop.
    On leaving I was unhappy with the steering, it seemed heavy but it was a gravel drive. Anyway onto the commercial garage in Cornwall which I had tee'd up to do the VCA inspection. I called them from Exeter, as the steering was getting worse, and they would look at it when we arrived. So pulled in at 11:30 on the 9th. They did the walk round and signed the paperwork which we then took to the PO for SD to the VCA, which they got on the 12th after the weekend. That was back to us at home by the Thursday 15th!! Only 3 days.
    The steering was a torn gaiter on the rack which had led to the arm being corroded whilst the chassis waited somewhere I assume and the seal failed. So on the phone to Iveco, new rack ordered. That got sorted but I will leave it there, as we did with the Flair.
    Whilst waiting for the cab to take us home, I went online and filed the NOVA. They came back wanting the invoice which I had already scanned so that went back, by return email. Then got email for payment when we got home, so that went faster payments.
    I had confirmation back on the 14th., so on the 16th with the VCA doc arrival off went the complete pack to the DVLA. I was using a retained plate so already had those, and now this afternoon I interrogated the DVLA and voilà my new Flair is showing registered and taxed!!!!!!!
    So from getting the VCA examination done on the 10th to today the 23rd, 9 working days! Of course having a retained plate meant I could check online, if you were relying on them generating a plate you would be none the wiser until you got written confirmation.
    But I think with all the bad stuff on the web about the DVLA this is stunning performance.
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    Very pleased to hear you got registration so quickly, lets hope it is a sign of things to come.:)Unfortunately our experience with both the VCA and the DVLA was the opposite to yours, both rejected our application, both in error, as the applications were resubmitted with no additional information or changes to documents, and then passed.
    You got lucky, I suppose it just depends whose desk your application passes over, however even with our frustrating delay, I would not hesitate to import from Europe again.
    Enjoy your new van (y)

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