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    Mar 22, 2010
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    I've just received an email from you asking where have I been, so I thought I would tell you. For the last - almost a month, I have been in New Zealand on a holiday with the WI.
    It is a fantastic country with loads of opportunities for those who dare take the plunge and emigrate. I would encourage any young person to consider it and only wish I had done it 30 yrs. ago. Climate, food, housing and what's more advertised jobs in newspapers all outstrip this country. It made me feel quite despondent for our youth. Over and over again, people we met expressed regret about the way the UK has gone. Words like, 'you must be overcrowded, why are you still letting more people into your little island.' 'Why are you letting your Government get away with X,Y,Z.' - and much worse.
    The Kiwis obviously still want to retain strong links with UK and we were welcomed everywhere we went.
    If you fancy a motorhome holiday there, it is well geared up for it and I noticed campsites big and small as we travelled from the tip of North Island to the bottom of South Island. For a holiday, if you can only make one island I would choose the South for its scenery and the North for its interest.
    Yes, we did visit Christchurch (South Island) and the devastation is awful in the town centre. There was a 'rumble' whilst we were there (4.7) but I missed it and slept through it but others didn't.
    So that is where I have been. I hope it is a good enough excuse.:Smile:
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    sounds exciting, welcome back

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