If travelling in Italy try this place for accessories. (1 Viewer)

Sep 25, 2018
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Chausson 628eb Ford 170
September 2019
We visited this dealer near Milan on the way down through Italy.

Camping Sport Magenta Sri
The link is to their Italian language website.

It was a fantastic experience.

The accessory showroom is huge. About the same size as a supermarket but the service was superb. We speak fluent French but no Italian and needed a converter for a gas fitting from French to Italian and Greek. They found an English speaking member of staff who was most helpful and came out to the camping car to check the fitment.

They pile stuff high and sell it cheap and was unlike anything that I have seen in here in France.

If you are driving down through Italy it is well worth a visit.

Is there anywhere in the UK like this? If so I would like to visit next week when we return and rub my naked body all over the shiny bits and pieces.

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