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Discussion in 'UK Touring' started by errpaul, Mar 12, 2010.

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    I managed to get some free tickets for the ideal home show and made the mistake of telling Mrs L!! :Wink:
    Anyway, we're now going at the end of the month when we had planned t do long weekend in France. As we're going to the show Friday it's not too bad as it's pretty much on-route for us.
    My question is Earls Court and London, and our I don't think they go together too well......has anyone taken theirs to this area and where can we park?? (No-where without re-mortgaging from what I can find out!!:Doh:)
    We don't mind parking out somewhere and catching the underground in, bu as we're heading straight off to Dover ater the show i'd like to be best positioned for this.

    I am aware the congestion zone starts in this area also, so don't wanna get hit with that too.

    Cheers all......:BigGrin::thumb:
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    South Glos
    If you're a Caravan Club member you may be able to leave your van at their Crystal Palace site for the day. It's a 40 minute bus ride to Westminster then a tube to Earls Court.
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    Near Dartford
    Abbey wood would be a better bet instead of Crystal Palace as you are nearer to the A2 /M20 for the run to the coast.

    Your best bet is to park at or near one of the overground stations (in Zone 4-6) in the Kent area so that you could then make the short run to the coast.

    If you want a site and are members of the Caravan Club then Abbey Wood is ideal.

    You can park on the road near Falconwood Station (near Welling) but you have to get there early. Most Station car parks in the London and Kent area are pay and display at about £4 a day.

    I will have a think and get back to you with some other suggestions.


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