Hymer Side Marker project

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    Dec 5, 2013
    I have swapped out the Amber marker lights on my Hymer B644 for LED lights with reflectors.
    They are ECE approved and have a 5 year warranty. Each unit is sealed & waterproof.
    I have left the existing wireing loom connections so if I ever need to I can swap them back easily, existing wires have 2 female spades the only thing that I have done is on the new LED unit is shortened the wire, fitted new male spades with insulated shrouds & applied some silicone electrical grease, then connected them up & tested them. Once satisfied I taped the wireing with self amalgamating tape. I used one of the existing screw holes & had to drill one new screw hole as the new units are slightly shorter than the old version, the lights are mounted on the aluminum skirt so no worries about drilling & they cover the old hole as well. Total cost for four units £36.59 inc vat & delivery. No longer have to worry about the bulbs & they look nicer IMHO.
    Purchase from www.towingandtrailers.com I have no connection with them other than I used there products for my project based on availability price & quality.

    See photos

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