hymer fabrics washable or dry clean

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    for some reason my wife thinks the colour of the fabric in a motor home is important :Smile:

    have been looking at some B/C 584's and found a BC 2001 which looks just right , non common rail engine , little used , few miles , unmarked woodwork
    the interior is finish in pale blue with dark blue squares which meets with approval HOWEVER ...the settee cover seems to have stretched [ have seen this on several other 584's with other fabrics ]
    the settee edge has slots cut in the foam rubber in two lengths , and is stitched through to give a roll edge at these points ; however , where it is not stitched through it is somewhat baggy , especially in the central gap , a little at the ends

    hence my question in the title .....what could I do ? at a guess washing would shrink the fabric a little , but not dry cleaning

    presumably someone has come up against this before !

    anyone got an answer to this ?

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