Hymer b544 Ducato 2.8jtd ECU problems due to damp/wet

Discussion in 'Fiat' started by Dave and Ginny, Oct 30, 2015.

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    As I posted on an earlier thread, after leaving our service dealers in Newark I had the red engine management light flashing and the throttle all over the place with the biggest problem of high revs which initially caught me out approaching a round-a-bout :eek:.

    Thinking it had to be an issue with the service, I managed to get back to the dealer who run a diagnosis which appeared to show a faulty throttle sender unit. Initially they ordered one in £182 plus VAT but then found one in their own stores. On fitting the problem remained so they carried on looking.

    It turned out to be corrosion and damp on the ECU terminals. It has now been cleaned up, white greased and all is as it should be.

    Concerned at how this could have happened the mechanic that sorted it showed me under the hood at the ECU/wiring etc. There is no sign of any water getting in from running down the body or through a gap anywhere. The only conclusion is that fine spray from a power wash or the kind you get when following another vehicle on a wet road could make it's way in. Well I don't use a power wash so I don't think it's that one! I may look at ways of trying to further enclose it, but I thought I would just pass on the events so others will be aware. You can clearly see the dirty/corroded terminals on the photo they took.

    Although this is on a Fiat/Hymer I would think it could occur on just about any vehicle.

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    thanks for the info.. may prove useful

    roughly, where is this plug located..?
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