Discussion in 'UK Touring' started by twooks, Aug 25, 2009.

  1. twooks


    Aug 22, 2007
    Used the Hull Park + Ride for the first time, very impressed with the helpfulness of the staff and loads of parking space available. Lots of room for us camper types, don't be put off by the height barriers they're on the exit only and don't follow signs for campers - it takes you to the lorry park which is available to motorhomes to stay overnight £10 - a bit pricey but there are showers and good security - £2 refundable deposit and Sainsbury's just over the road.

    We also called at a Caravan/Mhome dealer on the way there - just off the A63. Cannot recommend them - unless you really want to be met by total unhelpful indifference and the most appalling approach to customer care that I've encountered in ages. I've been dealing with both Sky and BT this week as well :Eeek: - and W****y still win hands down. Thank heavens for a bit of cheer from Hull P+R staff :thumb::thumb:

    Anyway, we enjoyed our mooch around Hull and our 'incredibly expensive' snack at Huckleberry's in Queen's Gardens, 2x sarnies + 2x cuppa + frites AND change from £6.:clap:, the museums are particularly good I think.
  2. Scunny-Arfie


    Sep 21, 2008
    silly question but, if the height barriers are ONLY on the way out, how does one get out ? ::bigsmile:

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