Huge increase in Ferry prices

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    The ‘Independent’ today stated that from 2015 Ferry prices will increase sustainably. This is due to the Ferry sulphur emissions being reduced from the current limit of 1.0% to 0.1%.

    This will mean Ferry operators will have to switch from low grade fuel oil which they are currently using to either diesel of LPG in order not to exceed the new limits.
    The article also went on to say as a result many longer ferry runs will be discontinued resulting in a huge increase of HGV''s driving through France.

    (Ironically, increasing the amount of sulphur in the atmosphere!).

    I bet the channel tunnel operator can’t put up their prices too.
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    Also airplanes are going to have to run on high grade fuel making a simple trip to spain cost 9000 per person.

    Cars will have to have the new filters filtering the exhaust at a cost of 90000 per car.

    People will have to exhale clean exhaust too and filters will be fitted to our lungs, if you cant afford to have the 5000000 operation then the gov will force you to have it done and only charge you 2000% apr.

    All this is the glad im gonna die relatively shortly cos the populus wont stand for it and der is gonna be one right big punch up.

    This is official however and true...there is no such thing as global warming other than the natural fin om in do da da da....(benny hill tune)

    The earth waxes and wains through cycles and we are in an ice age and things melt..simples. All the rest of the bunkam is manipulation by governments and groups imposing their will.
    Its a bit like Organic food...or as its known in retail...same food more expensively priced. Organic is proper food, other stuff is fast grown by science.

    The biggest single warming of recent times was when the planes were grounded over the usa and the temp went up 1 degree cos there wasnt any polution to reflect the heat so they say.

    The real problem however is that there are too many of us...and dats gonna be a big problem soon.
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    See my post....What a bargain...I think !!

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