Huddersfield motorhome converter wins New Zealand exports

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    Sep 12, 2007
    Huddersfield motorhome converter wins New Zealand exports
    29th April 2008 AutoIndustryNews

    Wellhouse Leisure, a bespoke motorhome manufacturer based at Shepley, near Huddersfield, which converts used Japanese MPVs has begun exporting to New Zealand. Like all Wellhouse Leisure camper vans, they carry a ‘Made in Yorkshire’ sticker on the back door. The vehicles are based on used, high specification MPVs with automatic gearboxes and air conditioning from Japan, usually seven-to-ten year old Toyotas, and retail for £15,000 to £18,000, accompanied by a year's warranty and an RAC inspection certificate.
    David Elliott started the company three years ago. It has a staff of 12 who produce more than 120 vehicles a year, giving a £2m turnover. The concept of a small high-spec automatic camper with 4x4 transmission is rare, and 85% of buyers use them as primary transport.

    Elliott founded Deepcar Motorhomes in 1995, later introducing the Volkswagen Westphalia conversion to Britain. He sold out, to start Wellhouse Leisure. His vehicles have been exhibited in Christchurch and two are now on hire, with more to follow later this year with the opening of a Wellhouse office there.

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