how to improve europe driving

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    In France the traffic builds up at roundabouts. The reason is that none of them want to indicate which exit they will take. As a result you could have entered the roundabout, but you had to wait until it was too late. You will pay more in tolls than you pay for road tax in England. This might not be true any more coz I'm too scared to use them for the last few years.

    In Portugal the tolls are expensive and you will find yourself guessing at how you should pay. As a tip, don't sleep on a toll road, the charge is massive over 12 hours. Also in Portugal, watch out for the traffic lights controlled by your speed. Even if you do less than 50 kph you will still get a red light.

    In Spain check your suspension, the speed bumps are cruel, when the lights go red they stay red, settle back, take a nap.

    In Italy ignore lane markings, everybody else does. All Italians like to travel in at least 2 lanes. At city centre traffic lights always find a way to invent a new extra lane.

    For all European countries, except our own, never expect an acknowledgement if you give way, you will not receive a wave or a headlight flash. They don't have a gesture for "give way", they don't need one, nobody has ever given way.

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